• NYC, I Owe You an Apology

    Times Square New York city

    Okay, I've been thinking about this one for quite a while. If confession is good for the soul then it's time to get it off my chest...

    The nearest major airport was nearly four hours away. I had to fly to NYC to promote my book at "Book Expo America 2013". You need to understand where I live. In north central Washington State. The nearest town has only a thousand people. Country living is all I really know so when I headed for the airport I took the long way around to recharge my spiritual batteries. Had to get my "nature fix". This little detour took me through the mountains and over Sherman Pass which, at 5,575 feet, is the highest pass in Washington state that's open all winter. I remember smugly thinking to myself at the time, "NYC has millions and millions of people, but we have millions and millions of trees!"

    But then NYC happened. Head on. It forever changed the way I look at cities. And trees.

    First a helpful girl at LaGuardia Airport talked me into using the public transportation system instead of taking a shuttle. I had assured Karen I'd take the shuttle. We both figured it should be safer. Trouble is I couldn't even figure out how to buy a ticket from vending machine! Yep, country boy all right. Thankfully one of the locals showed me how to make a purchase and which one to buy. Others took pity and helped me know when to get on and off the bus, which subway to choose and why, and then watched to make sure I didn't miss my stop.

    Instead of "playing it safe" like I planned by now I was thinking, "Hey, why not?" So, I decided to walk about a mile round trip to and from the trade show every day. Shoulder to shoulder with native New Yorkers. By the second night I was feeling even bolder so I waked about the same distance to Times Square where I stayed until well past midnight. Ate fish and chips at McDonald's. The whole experience was pretty awesome! And then, to top it off, when I was headed back to the airport when my stay was over, another very helpful person talked me into taking a bus that cut right through the middle of Harlem where, you guessed it, I met some more beautiful people...

    NYC, I owe you an apology!

    You see, when I was nearly home to the wide open spaces and beautiful places that are so dear to me, it hit me. "Jesus died for people, not for trees!" Yes, this little country mouse went to the city. New York City. And he discovered what the rest of you probably already know. That New York City, with its millions and millions of people, is way more beautiful than Washington state with its billions and billions of trees!

    On second thought, maybe this post should have been called Pride and Prejudice. Because even though I pride myself in not having a prejudice bone in my body, perhaps my country boy pride was just as bad? Probably worse because I didn't even know it!

    All my life I've felt far superior to those who live in cities. Small towns for that matter. It was wrong thinking. NYC taught me that. Yes, I'm still a county boy, but now I have a message from the city. The City of God. But also from New York City. A city with millions and millions of people who are very near and dear to the heart of God!

  • Rain Delay? Really? (ICRS Part 3)

    Rain delay

    ---------Mini Update #3----------

    Finally boarding the plane in St Louis after a three hour "weather delay". Not! In hindsight I know the real reason for the delay. It was so I could have a good visit with a young couple at the airport. They would like me to send them a book as soon as I get back. God is good! Makes the late night flight way worth it!

  • ICRS is like Wow! (ICRS Part 2)

    Kiki & Me

    ---------Mini Update #2----------

    Wow, wow, wow, and did I forget to say wow? If BEA in NYC was an awesome experience, then this is awesome on steroids! So much so that I can't tell you which experience has been the most awesome! The book buyer from Nigeria? Or Barbados? Or numerous contacts from Canada and the US? Or, perhaps the many authors, bookstore owners, fellow exhibitors, Walmart insiders, and/or once again the cleaning ladies doing their job at the show? Will post more later, but suffice it to say I feel richly blessed!

  • St. Louis Tradeshow (ICRS Part 1)


    ---------Mini Update #1----------

    I'm flying to St. Louis tomorrow to attend ICRS (International Christian Retail Show). Largest tradeshow in the world devoted solely to spiritual books. NYC was both but mostly secular. This is the last tradeshow and from here on out I will be promoting "the book" at book stores and various places closer to home. Believe me, I who am naturally shy would not be doing this were not for the fact that I feel compelled to share this life changing concept. Once again I thank you for all your prayers and support. And hey, let me know if you happen in the area. I'd love to see you!

  • Book Expo America (BEA Part 4)

    Javits Center

    ---------Mini Update #6----------

    DAY ONE:  Okay, so I am in NYC promoting "Certified So: Redefining Happiness" at this huge book tradeshow. Karen calls. "Do you think the trip is worth it?" Her esposo (that would be me) answers. "I really don't know I can only hope that this is like a pebble in the pond." (read sigh)

    ---------Mini Update #7----------

    DAY TWO:  Still in NYC promoting book at huge tradeshow. Karen is working at the hospital. Mid-afternoon her esposo calls her this time and says, "Please ask me again if the trip is worth it?" She humors him and asks again. "Uh, like yeah!!!" (read YEAH!!!)

    Several things happened. First an author who just finished his book signing got pretty excited about my book. He gave me his business card and said, "Go talk to my publishers. You really need to get this book into the 12 Step Recovery Program network." Wow! Hadn't thought of that!

    Shortly thereafter another seven time author stops to talk and gets even more excited about my book. "I've got to have you on my radio show!" she says. "I'd love to, but I would sure like to get my website up and running first," is my reply. "That's okay," she answers. "I'm very patient. I will wait!"

    She gives me her business card. Later that evening I Google to see who she is. In a nutshell she is a real shaker and a mover. But, among other things, she also has a morning talk show in NYC. I'm not sure, but I think it would be a 30 minute Q&A of sharing her listeners?  (To be continued...)

    So go ahead. Ask Karen's esposo (that would be me again) if the trip was worth it? "Uh, yeah!!!" No, not just because of two things he mentioned. But also because he had an opportunity to share the very same testimony with the cleaning ladies walking the floor at the tradeshow. Yes, with the Lord's blessing the radio interview will be awesome, but who's to say which "interview" will bear the most fruit?

    Thank you for all of your prayers and words of encouragement. I (who happen to be Karen's favorite esposo)  feel truly blessed and spiritually hugged!

  • Jim Carey Book Signing (BEA Part 3)


    ---------Mini Update #5----------

    Jim Carey is doing a book signing so it's real crazy here today. A children's book. Is that a good thing? Reading something he wrote to your kids might be the equivalent of giving them a sugar high!Jim Cary

  • Ground Zero at Time Square (BEA Part 2)

    Times Square at Midnight

    ---------Mini Update #4----------

    Times Square. Occasionally I overhear someone speaking English. Tonasket's boasting rights? It has fewer people :)

  • New York City or Bust! (BEA Part 1)

    Sky Scraper

    ---------Mini Update #1----------

    New York City or bust! Just landed in Denver. Connecting flight is delayed until noon so I'm watching airport dramas unfold all around me. In light of recent news, tornado shelter are duly noted!

    ---------Mini Update #2----------

    Meeting a lot of really nice people here. Decided to use public transportation (subway/bus/walk/jostle) which helps in meeting locals. Getting lost or confused is another excellent way to meet locals and it's very easy to do!

    Just checked into my room. Couldn't remember the room # so kept trying until a door opened. If it's the wrong rom I'm sure some nice person will let me know later on tonight....

    ---------Mini Update #3----------

    You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't stop the boy from using the coffee maker in his motel room to heat up enough water to make Pad Thai. Freeze dried, "Backpacker's Pantry - The Outdoor Gourmet Food" Pad Thai, that is. Life is good thanks in part to REI. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to figure out what natives around here eat...

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